Norwegian Shores catches brown crab using local fishermen at our location in Northern Norway from June to November.

The fishermen deliver directly at our facility in Sandnessjøen before it is placed either in our live storage facility or directly in the process line. The crab goes through meticulous testing to track the grade of the crab, including a whole-crab scanning to ensure top quality for our consumers.

Brown crab is a well-known raw material in large parts of the world, known for its good taste and because it is a premium raw material and packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and selenium.  

In addition, to live brown crab, Norwegian Shores also produces freshly cooked and boiled frozen whole crab.

Brown Crab
200 - 400 g
Brown Crab
400 - 600 g
Brown Crab
600 - 1000 g
Brown Crab
1000+ g