Our receiving and cleaning facility for mussels is located at Tenvik, Nøtterøy, close to our harvest and fishing areas. The facility has been optimized for safe and methodical treatment of oysters and other seafood products, ensuring stability in deliveries to our customers throughout the year.


The team consist of energized and motivated individuals with a true passion for the ocean and what it has to offer. It is a culture of making your teammate better, while always improving yourself. We all do whatever we can to assist and strengthen our customers, as well as our local community.

Key personnel

Robin Kjelseth
Operations Manager
Professional cook with 5 years of experience from restaurant kitchens. Robin has also worked with fish processing at Naustvik Enghav as well as in a slaughterhouse. He was hired in 2019, and is now responsible for all operations at Tenvik, including food safety, production, packaging and logistics
Kristian Lier
Founder & Executive Chairman
MSc marine engineering with 20+ years
experience from investment banking and private equity in Norway and the US. Founded Norwegian Shores in 2016. Responsible for sales & marketing, partnership agreements, soft
funding initiatives, strategy & business development in Shores
Alexander Foxegård
Technical Manager
Energy Technology-educated with years of experience from construction, maintenance, safety and sales. Alex is instrumental in executing all technical upgrades, repair work and modification in the facility. He is also a key resource in the day-to-day production and food safety initiatives
Tomas Kittelsen
Production Assistant
With his background from production in Nortura and having worked within both professional cleaning and car paints, Tomas is a jack-of-all-trades, making sure everything’s running smooth at Tenvik in addition to supporting the hygiene, maintenance and production activities


Since its inception, Norwegian Shores has been relentless in finding the best practices for ensuring the safety of our customers. Our oysters are often consumed raw, and utmost caution needs to be taken before shipping the product from our facility.

Long depuration of the shells in our state-of-the-art cleaning facility, combined with technological innovations has established us as the leading provider of safe oysters of the absolute best quality available in the World


In addition to continuously testing for heavy metals, algae, bacteria and virus in our harvest areas and the specific oyster batches, under a strict internal quality control system, and in cooperation with the Norwegian Food Safety Agency, Norwegian Shores is developing cutting-edge technology and methods for the cleaning of norovirus, specifically.

Norwegian Shores is working alongside the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Innovation Norway to develop the most efficient methods and technology for rinsing oysters in particular. The work has already contributed to proprietary methodology for maximizing quality while minimizing risk of food-induced diseases associated with raw seafood.


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